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News & Events

Nature Treasure Hunt at Boyers Park

8/5/17        10:00 am - 1:00 pm

We are excited to kick off our first nature treasure hunt at Boyers Park.  Families will enjoy bubbles, craft, balloons,and a bag filled with nature treasure hunt essentials. If they make it to the end they will find a treasure box with a surprise to take with them. After collecting these natural treasures they can create a collage if they would like. 

Watch Me Work at Night

February 25, 2018       6 pm -8 pm

Watch your little ones work at night! They have been hard at work and play creating projects to share with you. Families will view a slideshow of their children's class project and see the final creations throughout the room. From creating robots to race cars the sky is the limit on what they can create. Enjoy snacks, crafts, and exploring the classroom.

Family Day

May 25, 2018

This day we will come together as the year ends for an evening of food, fun and games, as well as a performance of your little ones.

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