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25 Simple Memorable Mom and Son Dates

As many busy mom’s know there is never a dull moment raising boys and I wouldn’t prefer to have it any other way! Although sometimes I may wonder how they always seem to have so much energy!

Boys are often known to be active and a typical day for them may involve darting in and out of the living room with the Nerf gun, sitting on a fire truck way too small for them and “driving” it all around the floor. Then to top it off with trying to make 3 pointers in the indoor basketball hoop! All of this within a half hour! With all their interest in being active, communication can sometimes be the last thing they want to do!

That is until we plan a special time set aside just for us! Those planned times seem to be when he starts talking about everything and it starts as soon as we get in the car. He may explain what he is learning at school. For instance, I just got a mini explanation of the difference between soybean and corn crops and how they are testing harvesters that run by themselves. This led me to ask some questions and learn more myself. He may share a test he is concerned about. Or others who are “dating” and what he thinks about it. I’m glad he is not quite ready for all that yet! Then there are moments where he will surprise me with a story, telling me about a girl in the hallway who dropped a five-dollar bill and how he followed her into her next class to give it back to her and was worried he was going to be late.

All of this does my heart good!

Communicating with my son

and hearing his stories about

the little girl who dropped

her money, allows me

opportunities to tell him

how proud I am that he made

those quick decisions to do the

right thing!

Mom and Son dates are not only fun, but great at helping make sure communication channels are open. Some of the most memorable and fun dates did not involve a lot of planning or money so I wanted to share them with you here.

25 Simple and Memorable Mom and Son Dates

The Outdoors

1. Hike and have a Picnic at the Park. Hiking can provide new unexpected challenges such as climbing big hills and walking across a log in the river.

2. Hit the Bike trails and get a couple of miles of exercise!

3. Go for a Walk around the neighborhood.

4. Go to the Beach or Lake for a day.

5. Practice hitting at the Batting Cages

6. Hit a bucket of balls at the Driving Range.

7. Go to a local Farm Maze. In the Fall, these can be fun to try to find your way through! You can choose from a scarey, chase you with a chainsaw type of maze, or one shaped like a dinosaur for example to find your way through for the afternoon.

8. Putt Putt Golf

9. Go to a Sporting Event of interest

10. Geo caching can be fun for those who like to hunt for treasure.

11. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Educational & Fun

12. Go to an Art class to create open ended Art for preschool and Kindergarten or try a more structured one for older children to learn how to paint and sculpt.

13. Go to a Pet Store

14. Visit the Zoo

15. A Child Initiated Interest Go Rock Collecting or Ride on a Train

16. Story Time at the Library

17. Go to a Store of your child’s choice such as Game Stop, Dollar Tree, or where they can learn about spending money and how to pay for items. Good problem solving takes place when they decide whether they can afford the item with the money they have and whether it is worth it.

18. Visit a Clothing store such as Kohls and let them pick out a new shirt or a pair of shoes. This gives them opportunities to learn what styles they like and make decisions on what they like and learn who they are.

Cozy at Home

19. Balloon Toss As simple as this sounds, this can be 20 minutes of spontaneous fun with your child as you will make memories laughing and works great if other obligations do not allow much time for longer dates.

20 Play Catch Outside from Football to Baseball! This has been some of the best times to catch up and it is amazing how many conversations you can have while throwing the ball back and forth.

21. Play a Board Game With technology being so prevalent in our lives it is great to laugh, strategize, and challenge each other with a face to face game. Some good ones are UNO, Apples to Apples.

22. Movie Night with Popcorn This can be especially fun during Christmas!

23. Outdoor Movie Night with a Projector. Hang a sheet for the movie screen then have Smores and Camp!

24. Bake This can be educational and fun for the child to learn how to mix ingredients and see a finished yummy product to frost and eat that they contributed to.

25. Carve a Pumpkin

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