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             Parent Cooperative Programs

"Learning is not a race for information, it's a walk of discovery."
​            Caterpillar Cove-Infant-Toddler Program             

This program is dedicated to providing children a positive environment to explore with the guidance and support of an infant toddler teacher who designs developmentally appropriate lessons to help your child become more familiar with their world. Staff encourage communication, walking, exploring, and learning. Children in the infant stages will be provided with tummy time, music, singing and dancing, simple games, and literacy.  Children will be given opportunities to explore their gross motor skills in and out of the classroom. Infants will participate in outside time by going for stroller rides. They will play in a gated outdoor area where children are introduced to items in nature with the guide of the infant teacher. Infants will have opportunities to observe simple items in nature such as a flowers and sensory items such as bubbles.

Toddlers 18 months to 30 months are continuing to discover their world and will participate in whole group activities, art, music and movement. They will have an opportunity to practice fine motor skills, read simple stories and participate in finger plays. They will be encouraged to participate in child initiated discoveries at their level.  We encourage children to become independent in feeding, dressing, and toileting as they are ready. These skills are develop differently for each child.  This is a time to help your child form a positive self image and encourage these skills.  Toddlers will begin to explore fine motor manipulatives, draw and paint with edible safe sensory items.

​                       Butterfly Landing

               2.5-3-Year Old Preschool Class

This early preschool program begins introducing children to flexible routines with circle time, small group work, and center based exploration to develop their project based interests. Children play in dramatic play areas that are changed often and may represent a grocery store, hair salon, or flower shop.  Children explore blocks and build with items in nature.   Water table exploration, painting, and science lessons weekly.  Part Time and Full Day Program available.

Rainbow Path      Kindergarten Readiness Program


The Kindergarten Readiness Program is for 4 and 5 year olds.  This class encompasses more structured play based routines with two circle times, small group and a morning work time to prepare children for Kindergarten.  Children will be introduced to the Pre-K Ohio Department of Education Content Standards.  They will learn the alphabet, letter sounds, patterns, numbers, and reading basic color and sight words. This program also includes the project approach where children participate in a year long project or two based on their interests which guide the teachers lessons.   A culminating end of the year project displaying children’s work through pictures, paintings, and sculptures are displayed at the end of the year Watch Me Work at Night event.  

          This program is available Monday – Thursday from 8:30 am – 11:45 am

                         An afternoon Kindergarten Readiness Program

                                    is also available Mon-Thursday 12:45-4:00 pm.


                        The morning program is 55.00 for the 4 day week.

                        The afternoon program is 55.00 for the 4 day week.

 It is preferred that your child enroll for the four full days to get the most benefit from this educational and project based program.  However, a two day half day program would be an option for 40.00 a week.  Priority is given to families who enroll four part days.

         This program is taught by a Master’s level teacher with a degree in Pre-K-3 Elementary Education as well as a Pre-K-3 Intervention Specialist teaching license in the state of Ohio. 


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